Lessons and Hacking

All ages and abilities can benefit from our fun structured lessons. Why not round off your lessons with an escorted hack on top of the Mendip Hills (Intermediate and above).

Childrens half hour beginner lessons:

The ideal way to start your child riding in a way that enables them to have fun whilst learning in a structured class with other children of a similar ability. The groups are kept small (4 or 5 max) to allow individual attention , and we ask a parent or other suitable adult to walk with the child until they are confident on their own. They learn to stop, start, steer through obstacles and how to rise to the trot, as well as trotting with arms outstretched and doing fun exercises. Every few weeks the lesson goes on a ride out, with helpers walking, where the children learn road sense and practice steering. Once the child can trot 1our and steer unaided they are then ready to progress to 1 hour Novice lessons

Childrens lesson at Shipham Riding

Childrens 1 hour Novice Lessons

Here their education continues and they learn school figures , start to trot without stirrups and learn to canter. They will start to work over poles as an introduction to jumping.

Childrens 1 hour Intermediate/Advanced lessons

The progression continues, with further school work including leg yielding, serpentines, transitions, simple dressage tests and starting to jump. Again the hour lessons will frequently hack out in their groups, to add variety and to enable the children to experience controlling their ponies outside a school environment

Children riding at Shipham Riding

Private Lessons for children:

Available at any age or standard and can be useful to bridge the gap between different standards of lessons, or to help the child with a particular problem or ambition.

Adult Lessons:

Offered private or semi-private only, to enable us to give individual attention, for any level from beginner to experienced , and in any discipline such as general riding, dressage or jumping.

Shipam Riding adult lesson


Weekend hacks (apart from the childrens hacks previously mentioned )are available for adults and for older teenagers, who are capable of cantering confidently in open countryside, and are usually for 2 hours. Longer or shorter hacks may be available by arrangement. We ride over the beautiful Mendip Hills and through Rowberrow Forest, where you will often see wild deer and ponies grazing. Midweek hacks are often less busy, and we can sometimes accommodate slightly less experienced riders - please ask if in doubt. Group bookings for novice riders can be arranged in advance, and will usually consist of basic instruction followed by a quiet ride out.

Day and 3 hour rides:

Available during the summer and at selected times during the year, and are an ideal opportunity to experience the Mendips at their best, enjoying an exhilarating ride across the hills, stopping at a pub for lunch.

HAcking at Shipham Riding


We also offer Childrens Pony Days, and 5 day non-residential courses for children or adults throughout the year. Please click on Courses and Events for details.

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